Notrium Alien

The default look of the Alien.

Fast and Agile. Uses food faster than Humans. Can eat a lot. Cannot use guns. Cannot carry as much as a Human, and starts with a small battery 


The Alien is one of the four defualt races in Notrium. Although the Alien is not able to use guns, he makes up for it with the ability to evolve, as well as being the fastest playable race.


In Notrium, You are an alien stowaway on the explorer space craft named Var' Equinalin. You come from the planet Doran Prime, and your race is predatory in nature. You have decided to follow your heritage and kill the crew. While exploring the Notrium Region the crew finds signs of life on one of the many planets. The crew soon realizes that this planet is a forgotten civilization! Suddenly, a volley of missles comes out of nowhere and the crew is ordered to the escape pods. So begins the game of Notrium.

Evolution MapEdit

50: Weak night vision. Slightly better daytime vision. In order to evolve, you must keep your Hunger Bar above 150.

100: Normal night vision. You also gain immunity to acid rain. In order to evolve further, you need to kill small blue aliens.

200: Strong night vision. Stronger daytime vision. You also gain the ability to spit acid. Evolve by killing more small blue aliens.

350=lethal bites, nearby motion sensors get by killing normal blue/normal ice aliens

550=feral rage(3 times faster than enemies) average motion sensing get by killing brown aliens

750=devour(huge food from small blues),average motion sensors get by killing reapers

1100=laying eggs,making nests,longest range motion sensors get by staying in "hive" may possibly be inaccurate

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